Possibility of ‘Second’ Oprah interview for Harry and Meghan Pushing Royals to a ‘breaking point’

 Possibility of ‘Second’ Oprah interview for Harry and Meghan Pushing Royals to a ‘breaking point’

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A royal expert has said that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who has given a number of public speeches and interviews in recent weeks, may even follow up on their explosive tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In an interview with Closer magazine, royal expert Duncan Larcombe revealed that he believes the couple may push the British royal family over the edge by repeating their controversial March interview. Larcombe said, “I really wouldn’t be surprised if they’re planning another Oprah interview. Harry and Meghan have caused chaos and I suspect there’s no stopping them. I can totally see more of these high-profile, Hollywood-style interviews with A-list TV hosts happening.”

Larcombe added that the Sussexes will attend these interviews, especially if large sums of money are offered. The author of “Prince Harry: The Inside Story” believed that the couple might do it to promote Harry’s upcoming memoir, “Prince Harry: The Inside Story,” which is due out late next year. The Duke of Sussex’s book, in which he plans to write a “wholly truthful” first-hand account of his time in the royal family, is expected to contain some shocking revelations about British royals.

Larcombe said, “Harry will need promotion for his memoir, due to be released next autumn, too. Another Oprah interview, if it’s anything like the last, would surely push the royals to breaking point.”

The author’s statements come just days after the Duchess of Sussex appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. During her appearance on the talk show, the financially independent British royal shared stories about her family’s Halloween celebrations and made a fool of herself in public for a prank.

According to Larcombe, the “Suits” alum made the appearance in an attempt to redeem herself following her court blunder, in which she had to apologize for “not remembering” to mention that she had instructed her aide to brief the authors of “Finding Freedom.”

Having to apologize for misremembering facts in court is a blow to Meghan. She’s caused chaos for herself and has now somewhat lost control of the narrative, and Harry and Meghan like to have their voices heard and share their so-called truths,” Larcombe said.

He further explained, “Meghan’s image and reputation are absolutely everything to her, so if either of those is negatively affected, she’s got to do something to rectify things. The Ellen interview was, in my view, a form of damage control.”

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