Piers Morgan thinks Kate Middleton may have had a ‘breakdown’

 Piers Morgan thinks Kate Middleton may have had a ‘breakdown’

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Piers Morgan has voiced his concerns regarding the immense pressure Kate Middleton faces amidst her royal duties, describing it as “utterly unbearable.” The Duchess of Cambridge, a mother of three, has found herself at the center of speculation concerning her health and marriage.

These rumors gained momentum following her abdominal surgery in January, after which she momentarily scaled back her royal engagements. Further fueling the rumors was a Mother’s Day photograph of Kate that was later revealed to be altered, causing widespread speculation among royal watchers, told The Mirror.

“I think the pressure on Kate has been utterly unbearable for a long time. It wouldn’t shock me if she has had some kind of breakdown,” he said during his appearance on TMZ‘s Where is Kate Middleton? segment.

“They’ve had now a major health crisis and she’s trying to bring up three young kids in the goldfish bowl of the Royal family. You put that all together, that’s a lot for any young woman to deal with,” Piers continued.

The segment also showed an interview with Princess Diana talking about how challenging it is to be married to a future king. “It was isolating but it was also a situation where you couldn’t indulge in feeling sorry for yourself. You had to either sink or swim and you had to learn that very fast.”

Adding to the intrigue, a recent video capturing her and Prince William shopping in Windsor was met with skepticism by fans, who questioned its authenticity and expressed eagerness for an official public appearance from the princess. The combination of health concerns, rumors surrounding her marriage, and altered public images has led to a heightened scrutiny of Kate’s role within the royal family and the personal challenges she may be navigating.

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