“One-Way’ Attack on Monarchy” Piers Morgan Blasts Harry and Meghan’s Royal Criticisms in Fiery Editorial

 “One-Way’ Attack on Monarchy” Piers Morgan Blasts Harry and Meghan’s Royal Criticisms in Fiery Editorial

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In a recent outburst, Piers Morgan has once again set his sights on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, lambasting them for their critical stance towards the Royal Family. The couple, having stepped down as senior royals in 2020 amid reported rifts, especially with Markle, have since moved to America, drawing flak from royal enthusiasts like Morgan.

Their decision to share personal insights into their royal life through the docuseries “Harry and Meghan” has particularly irked Morgan, especially the revelations about Harry’s strained relationship with Prince William and criticisms directed at King Charles, as reported by The Mirror.

Morgan, in a scathing editorial for TalkTV, questioned the possibility of reconciliation given Harry’s public denouncements of his brother Prince William, who is preparing to assume the significant role of Britain’s next monarch. Morgan’s critique extends to rumors of Harry contemplating a ‘part-time’ royal return amidst King Charles’ health concerns, casting doubt on Harry’s credibility in such a capacity given his recent actions.

This has been a relentless, one-way attack, The editorial further attacks Harry’s proposition of a ‘hybrid working’ model for his royal duties, likening it to a casual, less committed approach unbecoming of royal responsibilities. Morgan’s disdain is palpable as he accuses the couple of trading their royal prestige for the life of reality stars, a sentiment he attributes to the late Queen’s stance on their half-in, half-out royal involvement.

Morgan’s tirade doesn’t stop there; he also targets Harry’s memoir “Spare,” which delves into Harry’s personal and family life, including his relationship with Prince William. He criticizes Harry for airing family grievances in public, a move he deems unroyal, especially given Harry’s subsequent appearances on television to discuss these private matters.

Throughout his editorial, Morgan’s displeasure with Harry and Meghan’s actions is evident, as he portrays them as having forsaken their royal duties for personal gain, thereby undermining the dignity associated with the British monarchy.

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