Awkward moment On ‘kiss cam,’ Meghan moves away from Prince Harry

 Awkward moment On ‘kiss cam,’ Meghan moves away from Prince Harry

Photo: Allen Berezovsky

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were caught on “kiss cam” at an NBA basketball game.
When the couple came on the big screen at the Arena in Los Angeles on Monday night, they were recorded writhing with uncomfortable laughter.

While talking with a spectator in their private box, Prince Harry was taken off guards, but his wife instantly recognized they were being transmitted to 20,000 people in the stadium, with many applauding and roaring to encourage them to kiss, and she began waving and smiling.

The Duke went in for a kiss, but Meghan averted her gaze.

It was their first public appearance together in a month, and the first since they announced that only the Duke would be attending King Charles’s Coronation on May 6.

Before announcing his plans to attend the Coronation, the Duke had peace discussions with the King, but he has not talked with the Prince of Wales, who is said to feel terribly betrayed by the many personal family revelations the Duke has made in his book, Spare, and in different interviews.

A friend of the Sussexes stated the father and son had “positive conversations” just before Prince Harry’s declaration earlier this month.

The development looks to be a big step toward the Duke’s desired reconciliation. According to royal insiders, his choice to attend pleased the King, who wanted both of his sons to be present for the ceremony.

Prince Harry’s visit will be brief, and he will not be attending any other royal tasks during the weekend.

It came on the heels of the unexpected release of a video showing the Duchess, who has been conspicuously absent from public life this year, presenting a Ted talk by the photographer who captured her pregnant photos.
The Sussexes were certainly loving the American way of life at the NBA game, which saw the Los Angeles Lakers taking on the Memphis Grizzlies in a playoff.

Footage of them acting excited during the game’s twists and turns were also posted on the NBA’s official Twitter account under the hashtag #NBACelebRow.

While the Duchess has spoken well of her father-in-law, who walked her down the aisle on her wedding day, she does not have the same links to the Royal family or the United Kingdom.

Friends say she sees her life and future in the United States, and that public events in the United Kingdom have become less important.

According to Yahoo, one of the main reasons she decided to stay behind was her wish to celebrate Prince Archie’s fourth birthday, which comes on the same day as the Coronation.

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