Meghan Markle to ‘undoubtedly settle some scores’ during comeback

 Meghan Markle to ‘undoubtedly settle some scores’ during comeback

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Meghan Markle is reportedly poised for a personal and professional resurgence, dubbed the “Meghanaissance” by royal commentators. The Duchess of Sussex is set to launch her return to the spotlight with the publication of her memoir, following in the footsteps of Prince Harry’s candid account of royal life in his book “Spare,” which hit shelves in January and quickly topped best-seller lists.

Author Tom Bower, who penned “Revenge,” a book on Meghan and Harry, shared with The Times his insights on Meghan’s forthcoming work. He anticipates that the memoir will represent “Meghan’s truth,” offering her perspective on interactions within the Royal Family, potentially including unverified accounts of conversations with the Queen, Kate, and Philip. Bower asserts that this narrative could be a “goldmine” for readers interested in the Duchess’s experiences.

The Royal Family has maintained a restrained approach, largely refraining from commenting on the Sussexes and the claims presented in Harry’s memoir. Bower speculates that Meghan may even consider a return to acting, buoyed by the continued popularity of her former television series “Suits” on Netflix. The Sussexes’ own lucrative partnership with Netflix yielded the documentary series “Harry & Meghan” in 2022.

While Meghan remained publicly reticent during the promotion of Harry’s book, the couple has made appearances at certain high-profile charity events and awards ceremonies, including an event for World Mental Health Day in New York on October 10 and the Women of Vision Awards in May 2023.

Most recently, Harry and Meghan were seen attending a Katy Perry concert in Las Vegas, five years after the pop star commented on Meghan’s wedding dress, suggesting an additional fitting might have been beneficial.

Meanwhile, King Charles’ coronation concert in May featured Perry as a performer.

Harry and Meghan have discontinued their partnership with Spotify, having released a single Christmas podcast and Meghan’s “Archetypes” series. They continue their Netflix collaboration, with Harry spotlighting his Invictus Games on the platform.

Royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams spoke to The Sun about the couple’s current quiet period, hinting at a potential “fight back” and suggesting that with their newly assembled team, an announcement could be imminent.

Meghan’s signing with WME, a major global entertainment agency representing figures like Hillary Clinton and Serena Williams, in April 2023 has fueled further speculation. Rumors had circulated of her becoming the new face of Dior after wearing the designer to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, though these have been refuted by a Dior representative speaking to Women’s Wear Daily.

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