Meghan Markle’s ‘rushed’ project is a ‘ticking timebomb’ in Royal Doom

 Meghan Markle’s ‘rushed’ project is a ‘ticking timebomb’ in Royal Doom

Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The introduction of Meghan Markle’s upscale brand may serve as a potential ‘ticking timebomb’ for the Royal Family, potentially leading to the stripping of their titles, suggests a royal commentator.

Reports suggest that Meghan’s latest venture into the lifestyle brand realm, the American Riviera Orchard, is more than just a quaint enterprise—it poses a significant threat to the integrity of the Royal Family. Despite initial claims that the brand would embody Meghan’s passions for family-oriented activities like cooking, entertaining, and home decor, its underlying motive appears to be far less innocuous.

Critics argue that the venture serves as a strategic move by the former actress to establish a financial safety net for herself and Prince Harry once their earnings from deals with Netflix and Spotify dwindle. This shift from their initial plea for privacy in North America to embracing commercial endeavors raises concerns, especially given their earlier pledge to Queen Elizabeth II not to exploit their royal titles for personal gain, via The Mirror.

From the outset of their marriage in 2018, it was evident that Meghan harbored aspirations beyond the traditional roles of a royal spouse. The grandiose wedding at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, attended by Hollywood elites, signaled the beginning of Meghan’s journey toward building her own brand—Meghan Inc. However, this trajectory has not been without its challenges, including scrutiny from the British media and the realization that the privileges of royal life came with limitations.

Undeterred by setbacks, Meghan has resurrected her lifestyle brand, The Tig, now seemingly infused with regal undertones. While she is not the first royal to venture into commercial pursuits, her approach differs significantly. Unlike Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, who faced ridicule for her business ventures but remained respectful of the monarchy, Meghan appears to be leveraging her royal status to build a competing brand.

The timing and manner of the American Riviera Orchard’s launch have drawn criticism, particularly as it coincides with Kate’s health struggles and the shock diagnosis of the Princess of Wales’s cancer. Additionally, the rushed nature of the project, highlighted by the absence of an appointed chief executive, raises questions about Meghan’s preparedness for such a venture.

As King Charles and Prince William grapple with the fallout from Meghan’s ambitions, there are growing calls for the removal of royal titles from the Sussex children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. While this step may prove challenging for the monarchy, it is seen as necessary to safeguard the integrity of the institution amidst Meghan’s relentless pursuit of personal success.

In the face of Meghan’s unyielding ambition, it is imperative for the King and Kate to take decisive action to protect the sanctity of the Royal Family, even if it means making difficult decisions regarding the Sussexes’ royal status. Ultimately, the preservation of Britain’s most cherished brand, the Royal Family, must take precedence.

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