Meghan Markle Desperately Hopes for Brand’s Success as Money ‘Runs Out Fast,’ Claims Royal Expert

 Meghan Markle Desperately Hopes for Brand’s Success as Money ‘Runs Out Fast,’ Claims Royal Expert

Courtesy: Daily Star

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to have encountered a stumbling block in their entrepreneurial journey, raising questions about the sustainability of their lavish lifestyle through their business ventures. The couple, who have made significant strides in establishing themselves outside of the royal family, recently ventured into a new domain with Meghan launching her lifestyle brand named American Riviera Orchard.

This move comes as part of their broader strategy to build a portfolio of business interests in the United States. Despite their ambitious endeavors, there are growing concerns about the viability of these ventures in supporting the couple’s upscale lifestyle.

“Harry and Megan certainly have enough money for now to carry on with their Royal lifestyle in America, but the launch of the new brand suggests that they are aware that the money is disappearing fast,” Quinn told The Mirror. He explained that the couple lives among “mega-rich celebrities” in Montecito, and Meghan is “determined to live as they live.”

He continued, “The idea they might have to make choices about what they can and cannot afford fills the couple with horror. This is why whatever happens to Kate and King Charles, the new brand will not be neglected.”

Royal commentator Tom Quinn has shed light on the challenges facing the Sussexes, highlighting the financial pressures that come with maintaining a standard of living akin to royal norms. The past year has been particularly challenging for the couple’s business interests, marked by the collapse of their Spotify deal in June and uncertainties surrounding their partnership with Netflix.

Nevertheless, the couple continues to push forward with their Netflix collaboration, which remains one of their most significant financial agreements to date. In line with Meghan’s brand launch, she is also gearing up to introduce a cooking show, potentially expanding their influence in the entertainment and lifestyle sector. This new project aligns with the couple’s efforts to carve out a niche for themselves, leveraging their global recognition and personal interests.

However, the question that looms large is the sustainability of these ventures in the long run. Quinn’s observations point to the inherent risks and challenges associated with celebrity-led business endeavors, particularly when they are expected to fund a lifestyle of considerable opulence.

As the Sussexes navigate the complexities of building a business empire while living in the public eye, their success will largely depend on their ability to innovate, adapt, and engage their audience in a way that transcends their royal heritage and resonates with their personal brand and values. The journey ahead for Harry and Meghan is fraught with uncertainty, but it also offers an opportunity for the couple to redefine their legacy beyond the confines of royal expectations.

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