Meghan Markle’s Growing Resentment as She Shoulders Sussex Finances Post-Spotify Deal Fallout

 Meghan Markle’s Growing Resentment as She Shoulders Sussex Finances Post-Spotify Deal Fallout


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly grappling with feelings of resentment towards her husband, Prince Harry, amid escalating financial challenges, as per insights shared with InTouch Weekly. An insider close to the couple has articulated that Meghan, known for her role in “Suits,” feels increasingly burdened by the responsibility of sustaining their professional ventures almost single-handedly.

The source elaborates that Meghan’s frustrations are rooted in the couple’s strained financial landscape, particularly following the cessation of their lucrative contract with Spotify. This deal, once seen as a cornerstone of their independent financial future post-royal life, was pulled back earlier in the year, dealing a significant blow to the couple’s revenue streams.

The Insider paints a portrait of Prince Harry as somewhat passive in this dynamic, suggesting that his background as a member of the royal family and a former military officer means he’s accustomed to a structured environment where others execute the directives he’s given, rather than initiating proactive strategies himself. This characteristic, as per the source, has left Meghan feeling like the primary, if not sole, strategist and executor of their business affairs.

According to the confidant, Meghan entered into the marriage with expectations of a fairytale life, complete with public adulation akin to that of storybook royalty. However, the reality has proven to be starkly different, and the Duchess is said to be deeply troubled by the disparity between expectation and reality, particularly in the face of persistent media scrutiny.

The insider suggests that while Meghan might still be a figure of fascination to young admirers who see her as a modern princess, she perceives a lack of support and appreciation from a broader audience. This sentiment, if accurate, indicates a complex struggle for the Duchess, as she navigates her new life’s high expectations and the challenging realities of living in the public eye outside the traditional royal sphere.

This portrayal of the Sussexes’ situation intimates a period of adjustment and recalibration as they strive to find a balance between their public personas and their private endeavors, while also managing the financial and emotional pressures that accompany their unique position.

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