Meghan Markle takes first step to reconcile with Kate Middleton

 Meghan Markle takes first step to reconcile with Kate Middleton

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Following Kate Middleton’s recent abdominal surgery, Meghan Markle has taken proactive steps to mend fences within the Royal family, reaching out personally to both Kate and King Charles to foster reconciliation.

According to insights shared by a royal source with Us Weekly, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is keen on reuniting with the Royal family. Despite circulating reports suggesting discord regarding Prince Harry’s communication with his father, King Charles, the insider refuted such claims, emphasizing Meghan’s unwavering support for her husband amidst these endeavors.

In an exclusive conversation with the publication, the insider disclosed, “Meghan has reached out to both Kate and Charles,” further indicating that significant strides are being made toward reconciliation. “Moves are underway to facilitate a harmonious reconnection,” they added.

Expressing Meghan’s supportive stance towards Prince Harry and her sincere wishes for the well-being of the entire Royal family, including Kate Middleton, the insider reiterated her commitment to fostering positive relationships within the fold.

Regarding Prince Harry’s relationship with his elder brother, Prince William, the source shed light on the complexities of their bond, acknowledging the challenges they’ve faced in recent years. “While William holds deep affection for Harry, overcoming the hurt caused by past disagreements and public controversies remains an ongoing struggle,” they revealed.

Nevertheless, Prince Harry remains determined to bridge the divide, according to the insider. They emphasized that the onus now lies with Prince William, the Prince of Wales, to reciprocate efforts towards reconciliation, underscoring the delicate yet pivotal nature of these familial dynamics.

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