Meghan Markle ‘will not’ set foot in the UK despite King Charles’s health condition

 Meghan Markle ‘will not’ set foot in the UK despite King Charles’s health condition

Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The revelation of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis could potentially mark a significant moment in the ongoing saga of familial tensions between the Sussexes and the broader royal family. Despite the longstanding estrangement that has characterized the relationship between King Charles and his younger son, Prince Harry, recent developments suggest a possible, albeit gradual, easing of the discord.

However, the complexities of their relationship indicate that the path to full reconciliation may still be fraught with challenges. In a dramatic response to his father’s health concerns, Prince Harry undertook an urgent journey from the United States to London, embarking on an 11-hour flight to be by the King’s side. This action was precipitated by a personal phone call from King Charles, informing his son of his condition and prompting Harry’s swift return to the UK, reported by The Mirror.

Despite the gravity of the situation and Harry’s prompt visit, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has not accompanied her husband on these trips back to his homeland. This decision has been highlighted by Charlie Ray, a seasoned royal commentator, and The Sun’s former royal editor, during a conversation on TalkTV.

Ray pointed out that Harry’s concise, 45-minute meeting with the King not only underscores the depth of the familial rift but also raises questions about the potential for healing and unity within the royal family. Ray’s insights further suggest that the journey toward reconciliation might be more complex and protracted than initially anticipated.

He remarked on the multitude of issues that have accumulated over time, likening the royal family’s situation to that of many families who experience conflicts but eventually find a way back to each other. Despite this, Ray expressed skepticism about the likelihood of a complete resolution shortly, particularly regarding Meghan Markle’s relationship with the UK.

He posited that it remains doubtful that Meghan will make frequent if any, visits to the UK in the foreseeable future. The dynamics between the Sussexes and the royal family, particularly in the wake of King Charles’ illness, continue to captivate public and media attention.

Each visit, conversation, and decision made by Harry and Meghan about the royal family is closely scrutinized for signs of mending ties or deepening divides. As the situation evolves, the possibility of reconciliation remains a topic of significant speculation and interest among royal watchers and the public alike.

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