Royal family warned of Meghan Markle’s new plot amid King, Kate’s health worries

 Royal family warned of Meghan Markle’s new plot amid King, Kate’s health worries

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Meghan Markle appears to be preparing to embark on the ambitious endeavor of penning an “explosive” memoir, intending to share her side of the story in a manner reminiscent of her husband Prince Harry’s groundbreaking book, “Spare,” according to a recent report.

Paul Burrell, who served Princess Diana for over a decade until her tragic passing in a car accident in 1997, has offered insights into Meghan’s literary aspirations. Burrell suggests that it’s “inevitable” for the Duchess to feel compelled to “write her side of the story” due to her notable absence from “Spare.” He asserts that Meghan is in the process of crafting her memoir, which will provide a unique woman’s perspective on their experiences.

Speaking exclusively to The Post, Burrell shared his perspective, stating, “There is no way she is going to stay quiet: She is going to want her side of the story out there, and that will do even further damage to the royal family and rock them even more.”

Burrell’s remarks highlight his concerns about the potential impact of Meghan’s forthcoming memoir, emphasizing that the royal family should be on alert for the potential “explosion” that the former Hollywood star’s narrative could create within the public sphere.

This news emerges against the backdrop of ongoing health concerns within the royal family, as both the King and Kate are currently in the process of recuperating at home following medical procedures they underwent last month. Meghan and Harry have made their first public statement since the hospitalization and medical procedures involving King Charles and Kate.

In this message, they extend their support to families whose children have been affected by the challenges posed by social media. Although they did not directly address Kate and King Charles in their statement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex expressed their solidarity with the families advocating for online safety for children during a recent U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

“We applaud the bravery and determination of the thousands of parents around the country whose advocacy resulted in this hearing,” the California-based couple stated, reinforcing their commitment to addressing important societal issues.

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