Meghan Markle’s launch of ‘dog biscuits’ on King’s birthday raises eyebrows

 Meghan Markle’s launch of ‘dog biscuits’ on King’s birthday raises eyebrows


Meghan Markle’s venture into the lifestyle brand arena with American Riviera Orchard has reportedly struggled to garner enthusiasm from Hollywood’s elite. The launch of Meghan Markle’s new brand, American Riviera Orchard, has not generated the anticipated buzz among A-list celebrities, who appear hesitant to endorse the project. Despite Meghan’s efforts to promote her brand, notable figures in Hollywood have remained notably silent.

Sources close to the situation have indicated a lack of celebrity endorsements for American Riviera Orchard, pointing to a tepid reception among potential high-profile supporters. This muted response has raised questions about the brand’s ability to attract the star power typically associated with successful celebrity ventures.

Speaking about royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams, exclusively told The Mirror: “Meghan’s lifestyle brand, American Rivera Orchard, didn’t cause much excitement among A-listers when she sent fifty samples of strawberry jam to influencers in March. She got very few endorsements.”

Mr Fitzwilliams added: “Apparently two more products, raspberry jam and dog biscuits, have just been launched. To do this on the same day as Trooping the Colour shows a very naive approach to marketing as they know journalists keep an eye on what they do.

Nacho Figueras, Harry’s polo-playing friend, posted that he’d received jam and dog biscuits and posted photos. Whereas cynics might say the raspberry sums up the Sussex’s destructive attitude to the royal family rather well, on the jar it said two of two. If she wants her brand to succeed, Meghan better be more adventurous than this!”

While Meghan Markle’s foray into entrepreneurship has been highly anticipated, the absence of vocal support from influential figures within the entertainment industry suggests challenges in gaining traction. The brand, which focuses on sustainable and health-conscious products, aims to carve out a niche in the competitive lifestyle market.

Meghan’s transition from acting to entrepreneurial endeavors has been closely followed since her departure from royal duties alongside Prince Harry. The couple’s relocation to the United States has provided new opportunities for Meghan to explore her interests beyond the confines of traditional royal expectations.

Despite the initial setback in celebrity endorsements, Meghan Markle remains determined to establish American Riviera Orchard as a credible and successful brand. Her commitment to promoting sustainable practices and wellness initiatives continues to drive the brand’s narrative and appeal to conscientious consumers.

As Meghan navigates the challenges of entrepreneurship in the public eye, the response to American Riviera Orchard serves as a testament to the complexities of launching a new venture amidst heightened expectations and scrutiny. Moving forward, Meghan’s ability to adapt and innovate within the competitive landscape of lifestyle brands will be pivotal in shaping the brand’s trajectory and long-term success.

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