Palace Displeased with Meghan Markle’s Business Tactics for American Riviera Orchard

 Palace Displeased with Meghan Markle’s Business Tactics for American Riviera Orchard

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has reportedly stirred some discontent within the royal establishment following the initiation of her new luxury brand. The brand, named American Riviera Orchard, has recently made its entry into the market with a ‘soft launch’, signaling Meghan’s foray into a diverse range of products including cosmetics, yoga mats, and even dog food.

This new business venture is seen as Meghan’s strategic move to tap into the lifestyle market, potentially securing substantial financial benefits. However, reports suggest that this development has not been warmly received by the Palace, with indications of unease over the Duchess’s latest entrepreneurial endeavor.

The launch of American Riviera Orchard earlier this month has quickly attracted attention, amassing a following of over 570,000. This considerable interest underscores the brand’s potential for success and the Duchess’s influence in the lifestyle sector.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, royal expert and author Tom Quinn explained: “Like many Americans, Meghan just cannot understand why anyone should see that making money out of your connections is ever a bad thing. 

“There are groans at Kensington Palace about Meghan‘s new website – for all their modernizing, the role family still dislike what they see as grubby moneymaking and the fact that Meghan is planning to sell kitchen and cookery equipment is grubby in the palace’s view.”

Quinn also pointed out that the timing of Meghan’s new brand comes as King Charles continues his cancer treatment and shortly after the health update from the Princess of Wales. He commented: “The new brand won’t come as a surprise, and in fact, I’ve spoken to people who are surprised that something like this didn’t happen sooner.

Speculation around the brand’s financial prospects is high, with experts predicting significant sales figures in the initial weeks following the launch. Despite the anticipation surrounding the availability of American Riviera Orchard’s products, specific details regarding their sale date remain under wraps.

This situation presents an interesting dynamic, reflecting Meghan Markle’s ongoing efforts to establish herself in the business world while navigating the complexities associated with her royal affiliations. The Duchess’s venture into the lifestyle market with American Riviera Orchard marks a significant step in her post-royal career, potentially setting the stage for further expansions and collaborations in the future.

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