‘This could be our father’s last Christmas,’ Meghan Markle’s brother warned

 ‘This could be our father’s last Christmas,’ Meghan Markle’s brother warned


Thomas Markle Jr. wants the family to reunite and resolve their differences with Meghan Markle before it is too late for her father, Thomas Markle Sr.

The “Big Brother VIP” housemate admitted that he was anxious for the family to get things done and reconnect during the holidays because he feared it might be his father’s last Christmas. He said his father had health problems, which he claimed were due to his sister’s relationship with Prince Harry and the pressure to stay in the public eye.

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“She’s heartbroken, and I’m always watching her. It hurts me to think that maybe she and Meghan can never be,” said Thomas Jr. Close The magazine added, “Tomorrow is not promised and you never know what will happen. It may be our father’s last Christmas. I am anxious for him to fix this rift.” “

The former window fitter also looked at the bad things that were said to the Duchess of Sussex in 2018 and admitted that he was sorry for them. “There is no point in going back and forth,” he said, as he shared what he would tell his siblings if he could talk to her now.

“I’ll just say, ‘Put the past behind you, you can’t change tomorrow but you can change tomorrow.’ It will be the best Christmas gift ever, for a father to meet his grandchildren and for my sons to meet their cousins ​​and uncles, “he said.

Thomas Jr. also spoke about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s alleged differences with the British royal family. He thinks “the best thing they can do is go back to the UK – quietly – and only deal with the royal family.” Thomas Jr. wondered why he had to isolate himself when “he could have been so great to the royal family.”

He noted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “both want to do well in the world – so why not just work in that capacity?” She said her sister “can’t change the past” but “it didn’t take long for her to change everything.”

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