Meghan Markle warned of adverse outcomes amid ‘Suits’ spin-off return

 Meghan Markle warned of adverse outcomes amid ‘Suits’ spin-off return

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has recently been cautioned about potential consequences should she embark on an acting comeback, particularly in the context of a Suits spin-off project. According to reports from the Mirror, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has expressed reservations about her potential return to the popular legal drama’s spin-off, suggesting that it might be considered a “backward step.”

Fitzwilliams, a commentator well-versed in royal affairs, further opined that there is currently “no indication” that Meghan can achieve the status of a Hollywood star. He also pondered how her professional activities might intersect with Prince Harry’s philanthropic efforts and other significant projects.

The royal commentator noted that Prince Harry had affiliations with charities such as Invictus, Sentebale in Lesotho, and Wellchild before his marriage to Meghan. Therefore, any decision by Meghan to pursue a role in Suits or its spin-off could potentially be seen as aligning with his established charitable endeavors.

These observations emerged in response to reports suggesting that Meghan Markle had secured one of the “biggest TV deals of the year.” According to the same source, a senior production insider disclosed that the Duchess of Sussex is poised to make her directorial debut in the entertainment industry.

The report also indicated that Meghan is expected to take on the role of director for “at least one episode” of the renowned TV series spin-off. This move represents a potential shift in her career, prompting discussions about the implications it may have on her royal commitments and the charitable work undertaken by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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