Meghan Markle receives new ‘title’ after ‘snubbing UK’

 Meghan Markle receives new ‘title’ after ‘snubbing UK’

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Meghan Markle has faced criticism for her decision to explore her heritage in Nigeria instead of accompanying her husband, Prince Harry, to the United Kingdom. This decision has sparked a discussion about her priorities and personal choices.

The Duchess of Sussex’s choice not to join Prince Harry during his visit to the UK for a special Invictus Games anniversary event has been perceived by some as a snub to Britain. Prince Harry, who founded the Invictus Games, an international sporting event for wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women, both serving and veterans, will be attending without Meghan by his side.

Ingrid Seward, on GB News, also shared her knowledge about Meghan’s trip to Nigeria, claiming it could be related to the couple’s new Netflix projects, and that the former Suits star “wouldn’t travel all that way without a camera crew with them”.

Host Turner agreed, and said the visit would “presumably have a Netflix documentary attached to it”. Seward explained: “She’s going to apparently go to Nigeria with Harry, they’ve been invited there. Because when she did her sort of DNA test, she discovered she was 43 percent, Nigerian. So she wants to discover her roots.”

Host Andrew Pierce swiped: “Do you think there’s any chance she might stay there?” Bev then agreed, while giving a new “title” to the Duchess, saying: “She’s just the ultimate narcissist. If you had to write a character and what would they do, I know what they would do.

“They would look at their own DNA, they’d work out where they were from, they’d go back and look into their history. I mean, it’s always about her!” Sharing her thoughts on Prince Harry’s upcoming Invictus Games event in the UK, Seward said: “I don’t think we’re going to see William and Harry together.” The expert went on to admit: “But I do think that King Charles will make an effort to see his son [Harry]. He’ll want to see him.”

This absence has been noted by royal watchers and the media alike, particularly given the couple’s previous joint appearances at significant public engagements. Instead of traveling to the UK, Meghan has planned a trip to Nigeria with the intention of connecting with her roots. This personal journey to explore her ancestry has been met with mixed reactions. While some view her decision as a meaningful pursuit of personal heritage, others have criticized it for its timing and the perceived neglect of her responsibilities or connections to the UK.

TV presenter Bev Turner has been vocal in her criticism of Meghan’s decision, reflecting a broader sentiment among some observers who feel that Meghan should have prioritized the Invictus Games event. Critics argue that her absence might be seen as a disregard for the significance of the event and her support for Prince Harry’s endeavors.

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