Meghan Markle Looks for help with UK ‘Popularity problem’ but PR experts Turn away

 Meghan Markle Looks for help with UK ‘Popularity problem’ but PR experts Turn away


Meghan Markle is reportedly on the hunt for public relations specialists in the United Kingdom to assist in enhancing her public persona, amidst concerns that she may not be heeding professional advice. The Sun suggests that the Duchess of Sussex is keen on addressing her “popularity problem” within the U.K., signaling a strategic move to recalibrate her image among the British public.

Sources indicate that Meghan’s search for PR experts is motivated by a desire to navigate the evolving dynamics within the royal family, particularly as King Charles gradually recedes from public engagements and Prince William steps up in his royal duties. This shift comes at a time when Princess Kate is focusing on her health recovery, creating a potential space for the Sussexes to assert their presence.

However, a senior PR expert told the publication that most PR experts are likely to decline the job, calling it a “ s**t sandwich.” He added: “Representing the couple in the UK is a tantalizing thought but they don’t have a reputation for listening to advice. What would be the point?”

The quest for image rehabilitation follows recent scrutiny over the couple’s decision to rebrand their official website from to, alongside adopting ‘Sussex’ as the surname for their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. These moves have sparked conversations about the Sussexes’ branding strategy and their efforts to carve out a distinct identity within the complex landscape of royal public relations.

“There is also growing noise stateside that Harry would like to carry out duties on behalf of his father again,” added the tipster.

Meghan’s reported search for PR expertise underscores the challenges faced by public figures in managing their reputations, especially in the context of the British monarchy, where public perception plays a crucial role. The endeavor to enhance Meghan’s image in the U.K. reflects a broader strategy to engage with the British public and address any existing apprehensions.

As Meghan and Prince Harry continue to define their roles outside the traditional bounds of the royal family, the effectiveness of their public relations efforts remains a subject of interest. The success of such initiatives will largely depend on the ability to align professional advice with the Sussexes’ personal goals and public expectations, a balancing act that requires careful consideration of the diverse opinions and sentiments within the U.K. and beyond.

The narrative around Meghan’s public image and her efforts to seek PR counsel highlights the intricate interplay between personal identity, public perception, and professional guidance in the realm of celebrity and royalty, underscoring the ongoing dialogue about the Sussexes’ place within the broader narrative of the British royal family.

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