Meghan Markle ‘pleasured’ in being treated as ‘great figure’ in Nigeria: ‘She was right’

 Meghan Markle ‘pleasured’ in being treated as ‘great figure’ in Nigeria: ‘She was right’

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Meghan Markle is reportedly elated following her successful trip to Nigeria, with experts suggesting that she feels a deep sense of fulfillment from her philanthropic endeavors. The Duchess of Sussex appears to have proven herself in the eyes of the public, mastering her role during the recent charitable event in the West African country.

According to sources, Meghan’s visit to Nigeria was a resounding success. She engaged with local communities, participated in various events, and showcased her commitment to making a positive impact. This trip seems to have solidified her belief that she was born for philanthropy, a sentiment echoed by many who witnessed her dedication and passion firsthand.

Royal expert Tom Quinn says: “Meghan sees her visit to Nigeria as a huge success and proof that she was right all along – she and Harry should have been allowed to be part-time royals because they are really good at it.” He explained: “Meghan’s face during the Nigeria tour said it all. Her pleasure in being treated as a great figure was unmistakable.

He noted: “Harry on the other hand often looked unsure of himself; he had that unconfident, slightly sad-little-boy look – the look of someone asked to do something he was never quite sure of by his more confident partner.

“Swept up by his wife’s confidence it may never have occurred to Harry that playing at being on an official Royal tour to Nigeria just makes his brother and his father King Charles even more furious with him and even more determined to push him away.”

An expert noted that Meghan’s demeanor throughout the trip reflected her confidence and happiness. She seemed at ease and in her element, interacting warmly with locals and demonstrating genuine concern for their well-being. Her ability to connect with people and address important issues resonated with many, reinforcing her image as a compassionate and capable leader in charitable efforts.

In contrast, Prince Harry appeared somewhat unsure of himself during the visit. Observers noted that while he was supportive of Meghan and participated in the events, he did not display the same level of confidence. This difference in demeanor could be attributed to several factors, including the couple’s distinct approaches to public engagements and their individual experiences in philanthropic work.

Meghan’s success in Nigeria has not only boosted her confidence but also garnered positive attention from the public and media. Her ability to effectively lead and contribute to meaningful causes has solidified her position as a prominent figure in global philanthropy. This trip is seen as a significant milestone in her journey, highlighting her potential to make a lasting impact on the world.

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