Royal family mulls action against Meghan Markle as she risks ‘major rule break’

 Royal family mulls action against Meghan Markle as she risks ‘major rule break’

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Meghan Markle’s latest venture into the business world could potentially stir controversy within the royal family due to the use of her royal title in promoting her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. The Duchess of Sussex has recently introduced this brand, which aims to offer a wide range of household items, including toiletries and cookware.

However, this move has raised concerns about the appropriateness of utilizing her royal title for commercial purposes, an issue that might even lead to legal complications. Privacy expert Trevor Cooke pointed out the potential for the royal family, often referred to as the Firm, to consider legal action against Meghan, who is the wife of Prince Harry.

The Earthweb mogul said, according to the Irish Mirror: “Members of the royal family must tread carefully on social media, balancing their personal interests with their responsibilities to the monarchy.” “Any misstep could have significant repercussions for their reputation and the institution they represent,” he added.

The basis of such action would be the alleged misuse of her royal title to commercially benefit her brand. This issue is particularly sensitive within the royal family because members are traditionally prohibited from using their titles for commercial gain or endorsements, thus leading to assumptions that Meghan is directly contravening these protocols.

Further complicating matters, Meghan and Harry’s exit from their roles within the royal family was formalized through an agreement with the late Queen Elizabeth II, famously known as the Sandringham contract. This contract was established about four years ago when they decided to step back from their duties as working royals.

While the agreement allowed them to retain their titles, it explicitly restricted them from employing these titles in everyday commercial activities. The launch of American Riviera Orchard is seen as a test of these boundaries. If Meghan is perceived to be leveraging her Duchess title to promote the brand, it could be viewed as a direct violation of the Sandringham Agreement’s stipulations.

This could not only provoke a backlash from the royal family but also potentially damage the couple’s carefully negotiated arrangement that permits them some use of their titles without engaging in the duties of working royals.

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