TV host attacks Meghan Markle for lying on new Sussex website

 TV host attacks Meghan Markle for lying on new Sussex website


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, recently faced scrutiny regarding her self-proclaimed status as a “feminist,” prominently featured on her newly launched website,, which she and Prince Harry quietly unveiled just two days ago.

On the website’s About section, Meghan boldly describes herself as a “feminist” and a “champion of human rights and gender equity,” stirring both admiration and skepticism among the public.

The controversy escalated when prominent TV host Megyn Kelly questioned the authenticity of Meghan’s feminist stance during a live television discussion. Kelly criticized Meghan, alleging that she has driven away numerous female staff members with her alleged tantrums and tirades.

During the conversation on The Megyn Kelly Show with Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan, Kelly vehemently expressed her disbelief in Meghan’s feminist credentials, citing her behavior towards female staff as evidence to the contrary.

Kelly’s accusations didn’t stop there. She questioned Meghan’s actions, suggesting that true feminism involves showing respect and appreciation for figures like the Queen, who dedicated her life to service. Kelly pointed out what she perceived as a lack of reverence in Meghan’s behavior, particularly referencing a controversial curtsy captured in a Netflix special, which she interpreted as displaying contempt and mockery rather than respect.

Maureen Callahan echoed Kelly’s sentiments, asserting that Meghan’s actions do not align with the principles of feminism, especially in light of her interactions with female staff members and her perceived attitude towards royal traditions and figures.

The discussion on Meghan Markle’s feminism sparked a broader conversation about the complexities of modern feminism and the expectations placed on public figures like Meghan to embody these ideals authentically.

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