Meghan Markle’s Hollywood royal game plan will ‘end up costing $1million’

 Meghan Markle’s Hollywood royal game plan will ‘end up costing $1million’

Courtesy: Daily Star

Experts speculate Meghan Markle’s plan for Hollywood popularity may “end up costing $1million.”

A royal insider brought this claim to light and according to their findings, Meghan Markle’s “own plans for their [hers and Harry’s] future in Hollywood.

The source also added that money is currently no object for Meghan and she is ready to dazzle fans at high-scale events like the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

The royal source also told Heat Magazine, “It was pretty galling for Harry and Meghan to see the overwhelming reaction to Kate and her movie star dress.”

They also went on to say, “Meghan knows if she’d had the audacity to wear such a show-stealing outfit she’d have been destroyed for it.”

When Meghan and Prince Harry moved to America they had expected to be invited to all the A-list events and really wanted to be seen as superstars. But obviously that all stopped because of lockdown and then Meghan got pregnant with Lilibet.”

But now things are kind of back to normal, Meghan really wants to go to all the big parties and events they are invited to and show that Hollywood side to her – although her charity work is what she’s now known for, there’s no reason she can’t do both.”

Reportedly, the Duchess feels the sum “will be worth it.” Thus “She will employ her own team of people to make sure she looks her glamorous best and wants all the top stylists, make-up artists, designer outfits and expensive jewelry; it could end up costing up to $1million, but she believes it will be worth it.”

In the end, Prince William and Kate’s engagement at Royal Albert Hall for the premiere of No Time to Die also “just serves as more proof for them that they’re better off out of the UK and these types of London events.”

They’re looking forward instead to making the rounds in awards season and being where the real glitz and glamour belongs.”

They are constantly being accused of being hypocrites or ripped to pieces for their choices in fashion or jewelry, their modes of travel or work choices. But Meghan has her own plans for their future in Hollywood and doesn’t care what anyone says about it.”

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