Meghan Markle’s Unexpected Exit from Red Carpet During Royal Visit Raises Questions

 Meghan Markle’s Unexpected Exit from Red Carpet During Royal Visit Raises Questions


Months after her royal wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle faced a perplexing situation during a foreign trip. The Duchess of Sussex was unexpectedly asked to leave the red carpet during an event in Morocco in 2019, an incident that remained unexplained.

This heart-wrenching moment occurred when Prince Harry and Meghan, newlyweds at the time, arrived at Casablanca Airport. They were welcomed by the British Ambassador and his spouse before attending the red carpet-event.

As Prince Harry proceeded to inspect a guard of honor on the red carpet, Meghan, his wife, was swiftly intercepted by a staff member. The reason for Meghan’s exclusion from the red carpet alongside her husband, despite her elegant appearance in a bespoke red Valentino dress, remains unclear.

While Meghan never publicly discussed her feelings regarding this unusual incident, some royal enthusiasts speculated that it might have been due to her non-royal status.

A body language expert, Judi James, reviewed the footage of the interaction, noting that Prince Harry seemed aware of his duty to inspect the guard of honor. He walked away without turning back to check on Meghan, who was guided to the side by her own host.

Judi James remarked that Prince Harry is usually quick to address any perceived disrespect toward his wife. Given Meghan’s status, it seemed odd that she was kept off the red carpet, especially since she appeared on it later.

It’s possible Meghan was gestured off the red carpet due to her pregnancy at the time, with hosts wanting to ensure her comfort. However, the footage did not provide conclusive evidence, and Judi cautioned against jumping to conclusions.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s three-day visit to Morocco aimed to support rural girls’ education. During their stay, they also visited the Atlas Mountains.

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