Royal Author Criticizes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for ‘Misleading’ Fans with Website Rebrand

 Royal Author Criticizes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for ‘Misleading’ Fans with Website Rebrand

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have recently come under fire following the unveiling of their newly rebranded website. Opting for the name, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aimed to reflect their royal titles within their digital presence. However, this decision has sparked controversy and criticism from various quarters.

The Sun highlighted the criticisms lodged by British socialite Lady Colin Campbell, who vehemently argued that the couple’s choice to use the name ‘Sussex’ for their platform was inappropriate and misleading. Campbell articulated her disapproval by suggesting that Meghan and Harry were, in essence, co-opting the name of the county for their endeavors, without any real connection or contribution to the region itself.

She said, “It is not only an imposition to the people of Sussex but is also an impertinence, in that their website has nothing to do with the county, but the domain name gives the misleading impression that it does.”

“The geographic assignment of their title might share a name with the county, but they are not representatives of the county, nor do many of its residents share their values,” Colin added. 

Campbell’s critique extended to the potential confusion the website’s name might cause, implying a direct association with the county of Sussex when, in reality, the content and purpose of the site are unrelated to the geographic location. She labeled this move as both an “imposition” on the people of Sussex and an “impertinence,” given the lack of relevance the site has to the county’s affairs or interests.

In response to these accusations, the Daily Mail reported that sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have come forward to defend the couple’s choice of name for their website. These insiders insist that the use of ‘Sussex’ in the site’s domain is justified by Harry and Meghan’s official titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, asserting that this designation is not only a part of their identity but also serves as their surname and family name.

This defense seeks to underline the legitimacy of their claim to the ‘Sussex’ name, framing it as an integral aspect of their personal and public identities. The controversy surrounding the website’s name underscores the ongoing challenges and scrutiny faced by Meghan and Harry as they navigate their roles and branding within the public sphere, particularly about their royal titles and how they are utilized in their independent ventures.

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