Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘cautious’ strategy to stay silent about Netflix

 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘cautious’ strategy to stay silent about Netflix


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have maintained a low profile regarding their forthcoming projects with Netflix, and according to PR expert Ryan McCormick, there’s a significant reason behind their silence. McCormick suggests that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might be uncertain about their standing and future endeavors with the streaming service, prompting them to keep details about their ongoing work under wraps.

The couple made a high-profile exit from the Royal Family in 2020, moving away with their son, Prince Archie, to chart a new course independent of royal duties. Their departure was marked by candid revelations and accusations of racism within the Royal Family, particularly concerning their son, which they discussed openly in televised interviews. This bold move to step away from royal life and speak out against the institution’s internal issues highlighted their desire for a more autonomous and open life.

Ryan tells Mirror: “Why Meghan and Harry haven’t discussed their Netflix deal could be for several reasons. “One of them is that they may not be legally permitted to do so. If that’s not the case, the duo may be cautious about discussing the arrangement because they’re not overly confident that it will last.

Ryan continued: “For all the criticism that The Duchess & Duke have received, I think their silence on certain matters is severing them both very well recently.”

Now residing in California, Harry and Meghan have expanded their family, welcoming their daughter, Princess Lilibet, into the world. Their relocation to the U.S. and subsequent deals with media and production companies, including Netflix, signal their intention to forge a new identity and career path outside of the royal framework.

However, the couple’s strategic silence on their Netflix projects could be indicative of a larger strategy or uncertainty about how their collaboration with the streaming giant will unfold. This discretion may be a calculated move to manage expectations and navigate their complex transition from royal duties to the entertainment industry, where the public interest in their every move remains high.

As Meghan and Harry continue to adapt to their new roles and responsibilities away from the Royal Family, the world watches closely, eager for insights into their projects and personal lives. Their decision to remain quiet about their Netflix productions may be a reflection of their cautious approach to their burgeoning careers in the entertainment sector, as they seek to balance their public personas with their professional ambitions and personal lives.

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