Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Australia tour a challenge, says royal expert

 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Australia tour a challenge, says royal expert


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are once again at the center of public and media scrutiny as they gear up for an upcoming world tour, following their recent visit to Nigeria. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have set their sights on Australia and other countries, aiming to further their philanthropic efforts on a global scale.

However, their plans have not been met without criticism. Royal reporter Louise Roberts has voiced concerns about the couple’s approach, particularly noting the paradox in their desire for privacy while continuously stepping into the public eye. Roberts suggests that their actions complicate their own stated goals of leading a more private life away from the relentless media scrutiny that comes with being part of the Royal Family.

She told Sky News Australia: “In May, after Nigeria, and that was a successful faux royal tour for them, let’s face it, Harry made the comment they want to do more of this.” Speaking on the channel’s Royal Report, Louise added: “(Harry and Meghan) are obsessed with privacy but a world tour is a direct contradiction.” She told Mirror!: “I can’t honestly imagine that they are sitting there scheming to make announcements on the same day as a royal event. Surely they are bigger than that?

Adding to the discourse, royal expert Jennie Bond has pointed out another area of contention concerning the timing of their announcements. Bond advises that both Harry and Meghan should consider the timing of their public statements and initiatives, especially when they seem to coincide with significant events or announcements from the Royal Family. This pattern has led to suggestions that the couple may be strategically seeking attention during key moments, overshadowing other royal news.

As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex prepare to embark on their world tour, the advice from commentators like Roberts and Bond highlights the ongoing challenges they face in balancing their public roles and private lives. Despite stepping back from senior royal duties in early 2020, Harry and Meghan continue to navigate the complexities of their unique position in the public eye.

The couple’s focus on philanthropy and social issues has garnered them support from many quarters, yet they remain figures of contention within certain segments of the media and public. As they continue their work, the scrutiny over their actions and the timing of their engagements is likely to persist, underscoring the delicate balance they must maintain between their public initiatives and personal lives.

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