Meghan Markle ‘reduced’ to selling dog shampoo after ditching royal life

 Meghan Markle ‘reduced’ to selling dog shampoo after ditching royal life

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly having second thoughts about her decision to step away from royal duties and pursue an independent path with her husband, Prince Harry. This reflection comes as Meghan ventures into new business territories, including the launch of her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, which she introduced last month.

Royal commentator Tom Quinn, in a conversation with The Mirror, provided insights into Meghan’s latest endeavor and her state of mind. According to Quinn, Meghan’s transition from royal life to entrepreneurship has been filled with challenges and learnings.

Tom shared: “Meghan’s new brand, American Riviera Orchard, has already proved popular with more than half a million followers, but it is really just a relaunch of The Tig, the brand she ditched when she married Harry and thought that as a royal princess, life would be endless deference and untold riches.

“We don’t yet know exactly what the new brand will be selling, but it’s astonishing that a royal prince and his wife have been reduced to selling some of the things we have already been told they will be selling – marmalade, jams, and even dog shampoo,” he explained.

“The new enterprise and Meghan‘s widely publicized visit to the children’s home in Los Angeles are definitely linked and suggest that the couple are beginning to feel uncomfortable sitting around in Montecito with not very much to do,” added the royal expert. 

The departure from a life of royal protocols to a more autonomous lifestyle in the United States might have brought freedom and opportunities for personal projects, but it also came with unforeseen complexities and emotional costs. American Riviera Orchard, Meghan’s new brand, aims to carve a niche in the lifestyle market, reflecting her tastes and values.

Early images and trademark filings suggest that the brand will offer a diverse range of products, including household items, toiletries, and cosmetics. The vision behind the brand appears to blend Meghan’s personal aesthetic with sustainable and ethical practices, aiming to resonate with consumers who value quality and conscientious consumerism.

However, establishing and positioning a new brand in the competitive lifestyle sector is no small feat. The filings indicate a broad scope, which underscores the ambition behind Meghan’s business strategy but also highlights the potential hurdles in branding, product development, and market penetration.

The evolution from being a senior royal to a business entrepreneur represents a significant transformation for Meghan, encompassing both her public persona and her private aspirations. While the freedom to embark on such entrepreneurial ventures was one of the driving forces behind her and Prince Harry’s decision to relocate to North America, the journey has been bittersweet.

The underlying narrative of regret, as mentioned by Tom Quinn, suggests a complex emotional landscape where Meghan weighs her newfound independence against the security and structure she left behind in the UK. The royal family provided a platform and a global stage, but it also imposed restrictions that Meghan found constraining.

As Meghan and Harry continue to navigate their post-royal lives, their decisions are under intense scrutiny, both from the public and from media commentators. The success of ventures like American Riviera Orchard will likely play a crucial role in defining the next chapter of their lives, both financially and in terms of their public image.

In sum, Meghan Markle’s venture into the world of lifestyle branding is more than just a business move; it is a statement of identity and independence. Yet, the lingering sense of regret as she reflects on her royal exit highlights the complex interplay of freedom, responsibility, and the search for a fulfilling life beyond the palace gates.

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