Meghan Markle ‘disappointed’ after ‘identifying’ who she is

 Meghan Markle ‘disappointed’ after ‘identifying’ who she is

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Celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman has shared her astrological insights about Meghan Markle, suggesting that the Duchess of Sussex might encounter difficulties in defining her identity following a recent unsatisfactory business deal. According to Honigman, Meghan, who is in the process of reestablishing her personal and professional identity, is likely to face several challenges in the upcoming months.

Honigman remarked, “Some negotiations don’t go to plan for Meghan this month, and she feels disappointed with being short-changed on a deal. She doesn’t want to start an argument or be seen as hard work, but she won’t be collaborating with that brand again.”

The astrologer pointed out that Meghan faces an internal struggle as she navigates through this year. “There’s an obvious struggle for Meghan this year, as she tries to identify who she is. She isn’t a working royal, not a current actor, at home in the UK or at home in the US – it’s not an easy year emotionally and she’ll therefore change her circle of friends so that she’s surrounded with more support.” This struggle, as described by Honigman, stems from Meghan’s unique position and the transitions she has experienced in her life, told Mirror.

In addition to her insights about Meghan, Honigman also shared her astrological predictions regarding Prince Harry. She noted that Harry is currently “experiencing worry for the wellbeing of those around him.” This concern reflects his ongoing commitment to his family and close associates.

Regarding Harry’s aspirations, Honigman commented on his desire for financial independence and success. She predicted, “He spends 2024 coming up with directions and contacts which can get him there – and it all comes together beautifully before the end of the year.” This forecast suggests a positive turn of events for Harry, culminating in achieving his goals towards the year’s end.

Both Meghan and Harry, with their complex and evolving roles, continue to navigate their paths through a mix of personal and professional challenges. According to Honigman’s astrological perspective, this year appears to be a transformative one for the couple, marked by efforts to solidify their identities and achieve their individual goals.

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