Meghan Markle Remains Resolute in Staying Away from the UK, Despite Prince Harry’s House Hunt

 Meghan Markle Remains Resolute in Staying Away from the UK, Despite Prince Harry’s House Hunt


In the ongoing saga surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, there has been much buzz about Prince Harry potentially returning to the UK and considering the purchase of a new home. However, according to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, Meghan Markle is unlikely to accompany her husband on this journey back to the British shores.

Fitzwilliams, in an interview with Express, stressed that Meghan’s return to the UK in the near future is highly improbable. He remarked, “It appears highly unlikely that Meghan will be making a visit to Britain anytime soon, and the same goes for Archie and Lili in the short term.” This perspective is rooted in Meghan’s reluctance to uproot her family, as they have found a comfortable life in Montecito, California.

The couple’s departure from the UK in 2020 marked a significant turning point in their lives, as they aimed to raise their family and pursue their careers beyond the constraints of royal responsibilities. Despite speculations that Harry might be feeling nostalgic, Fitzwilliams asserts that Meghan remains firm in her decision to maintain her distance from the UK.

One key factor influencing the couple’s plans is security. Harry, as pointed out by Fitzwilliams, continues to have concerns in this regard, particularly in light of an ongoing case against the Home Office. The resolution of this case and the assurance of a secure environment are likely prerequisites for any extended return to the UK.

Their former UK residence, Frogmore Cottage, which was gifted to them by Queen Elizabeth, is no longer in the picture following King Charles’ request for them to vacate, following the publication of “Spare” in January. This development leaves Harry in the position of searching for a new home in the UK, a process in which he reportedly takes the lead.

Despite recent visits to the UK for legal proceedings and royal events, Meghan has chosen to stay in California with their children. Notably, when Harry requested to stay at Windsor Castle for an awards ceremony, his request was denied by the King, highlighting potential challenges the Duke may encounter in securing a residence with royal assistance.

An insider has provided some insights into the couple’s internal discussions, revealing a divergence of opinion on the matter. The source noted, “There is a difference of opinion within the couple on this issue, but they will soon begin the search for a property near London, with Harry taking the lead.” While the possibility of occasionally using a small apartment in Kensington Palace is not ruled out, the core of their decision revolves around their self-funded acquisition of a UK home.

The ongoing question of education for Archie and Lilibet adds another layer of complexity. With limited contact with their extended family, the couple has yet to decide where their children will receive their education.

Amid these deliberations and speculations, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to navigate the delicate balance between their lives on both sides of the Atlantic, leaving the public and royal enthusiasts in anticipation of their next chapter.

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