Meghan Markle branded beyond cruel and limelight driven

 Meghan Markle branded beyond cruel and limelight driven

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Meghan Markle has come under fire for her alleged insensitivity towards Prince Harry, particularly on a day dedicated to commemorating his mother, Princess Diana. Angela Levin, a noted royal author and commentator, voiced these criticisms during her appearance on GB News.

According to Levin, Markle’s actions, perceived as overshadowing Prince Harry during an event meant to honor his mother’s charitable legacy, have sparked considerable controversy. The event in question was intended to spotlight the philanthropic work associated with Princess Diana, celebrating her enduring impact and the values she championed.

She began by highlighting everything with Nana Akua and began by saying, “She wants to be in charge. She didn’t want to be walking behind Catherine often during the time when they were there.” “She would try and go first into the next room. The aides, some of them would walk incredibly quickly to hold them back because they couldn’t go before Queen Elizabeth, who was alive at the time.”

However, Levin’s comments suggest that Markle’s behavior during this occasion diverted attention away from Prince Harry and the significance of the day, leading to allegations of her being incredibly cruel towards her husband at a moment that held deep personal importance to him. This incident has fueled ongoing debates about the dynamics within the royal family and the challenges faced by its members in balancing personal relationships with public duties.

She also added, “Being polite and understanding where you are is very important.” Because “If she had stayed, she could have been terrific with many of the things she could have done, but she couldn’t wait. She’s very impatient. She has to win, and she’s shown that with her new website” and always “has to be in the limelight’.

The alleged actions of Markle, as highlighted by Levin, have been interpreted by some as a breach of the unwritten protocols that govern the conduct of royal family members during official engagements and solemn commemorations. The allegations put forth by Levin have added another layer to the complex narrative surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their interactions with the broader royal family.

“He thinks Diana would have adored Meghan and they’d have been best friends. I don’t think that is quite right. I think to spoil that occasion for your husband and take the limelight from him is beyond cruel,” she also added before signing off.

The couple’s decision to step back from senior royal duties and move abroad has been marked by a series of controversies and public scrutiny, with every action and statement being closely analyzed for underlying tensions and implications. As the royal family continues to navigate the challenges posed by public and media scrutiny, incidents such as the one described by Levin serve as reminders of the delicate balance between personal affections and the ceremonial duties that define the lives of its members.

The claims made by Levin have yet to elicit a formal response from Meghan Markle or Prince Harry, leaving the public to speculate about the veracity of these allegations and their impact on the couple’s relationship with the royal family and their commitment to honoring Princess Diana’s legacy.

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