Meghan Markle aims to become ‘royal savior’ by ending Kate Middleton rift, reports

 Meghan Markle aims to become ‘royal savior’ by ending Kate Middleton rift, reports

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Meghan Markle is reportedly attempting to position herself as the “royal savior” by extending an olive branch to Kate Middleton and Prince William, an insider has revealed.

According to a recent report by Closer Magazine, the Duchess of Sussex reached out to the Princess of Wales to express her good wishes as she battles cancer. This unexpected gesture is seen as an effort to reconcile and heal the long-standing rift between the two couples.

They said Meghan appears ‘desperate’ as she has ulterior motives as well. “Meghan’s desperate to come across as the bigger person and end this feud between them — appearing like some sort of royal savior could only do her image good.”

“And, despite all their bad blood, her heart does go out to Kate — she can only imagine how hard this situation must be for her,” they added. “Meghan has made it clear she’d love nothing more than to move past all the nonsense and find a way towards healing for everyone’s sake. She’s ready to let the anger and bitterness go.”

A source close to the publication shared that Meghan is genuinely concerned about Kate’s health and views this as an opportunity to bridge the gap that has developed over the years. “Meghan is really worried about Kate and wants to use this chance to end their years-long rift,” the source disclosed.

The insider added that Meghan’s approach is not just about offering support but also about demonstrating her willingness to move past their differences. By reaching out during such a critical time, she hopes to show sincerity and a desire to rebuild their relationship.

The gesture has sparked various reactions, with some viewing it as a heartfelt attempt at reconciliation, while others remain skeptical of Meghan’s motives. Regardless, the Duchess of Sussex’s actions have brought a new dynamic to the ongoing narrative between the royal couples.

The strained relationship between Meghan and Kate, along with their respective spouses, has been a subject of public and media scrutiny for years. Efforts to mend this rift could have significant implications for the Royal Family’s image and internal harmony.

Kate’s battle with cancer has undoubtedly added a layer of complexity and urgency to the situation. Support from family members, especially during such trying times, is crucial, and Meghan’s outreach could be a step toward unity and healing.

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