King Charles Thinks Prince Harry Does Not Exist Anymore, Insider Claims

 King Charles Thinks Prince Harry Does Not Exist Anymore, Insider Claims

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An inside source close to Prince Harry has revealed that King Charles is reportedly beginning to view his younger son as someone who “does not exist anymore.” This stark revelation sheds light on the growing rift within the royal family.

The insider shared these insights during an interview with Closer magazine, highlighting the depth of the estrangement between King Charles and Prince Harry. According to the source, the tensions have reached a point where King Charles is emotionally distancing himself from Harry.

According to the insider, “He continues to be heartbroken and confused by the way he’s being treated by the royals.” “He’s not getting updates on his father or Kate’s health, and even basic communications are pretty well non-existent.” So much so that at this point “it’s as though he doesn’t exist anymore,” according to the insider who signed off at this point. 

The source elaborated on the situation, indicating that King Charles’ attitude towards Prince Harry has hardened over time. “It’s almost as if Harry no longer exists to him,” the insider stated. This perception is reportedly a result of the numerous controversies and public disagreements that have plagued their relationship in recent years.

Prince Harry’s decision to step back from his royal duties, along with his move to the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle, has been a significant point of contention. The couple’s high-profile interviews, public statements, and Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” have only added fuel to the fire, exacerbating the familial divide.

The insider also suggested that King Charles feels deeply hurt and betrayed by Harry’s actions. “For King Charles, the sense of betrayal runs deep. He feels that Harry has turned his back on everything the royal family stands for,” the source explained. This sense of betrayal is compounded by the belief that Harry’s public disclosures have damaged the monarchy’s reputation.

Despite the apparent estrangement, the source indicated that there might still be a glimmer of hope for reconciliation. “While King Charles is deeply hurt, he is still a father. There’s a part of him that hopes for some form of reconciliation in the future,” the insider revealed. However, the path to mending this fractured relationship seems fraught with challenges.

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