‘Before he’s had his boiled egg in the morning’ King Charles mulls over moving away to avoid ‘fuss’ during cancer treatment

 ‘Before he’s had his boiled egg in the morning’ King Charles mulls over moving away to avoid ‘fuss’ during cancer treatment


In light of his recent cancer diagnosis, King Charles is reportedly contemplating a move to a more tranquil and private setting within the Sandringham Estate to focus on his recovery and treatment. Amidst managing his royal responsibilities, which he attends to diligently each morning before breakfast, the King has decided to temporarily withdraw from his public engagements to prioritize his health.

Insider reports, as highlighted by Daily Mail, suggest that King Charles is considering Wood Farm as his temporary retreat. This choice is not just for its seclusion but also for its modest size and the minimal fuss it would attract, providing an ideal environment for the King during this challenging period.

While the monarch is continuing his daily paperwork “before he’s had his boiled egg in the morning” he has since stepped away from public duty to begin his treatment.

Wood Farm holds a special significance within the royal family, known for being a haven of peace and solitude for the King’s late parents, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, who often retreated there seeking respite from their royal duties. This five-bedroom property on the Norfolk Estate is seen as a fitting choice for King Charles, who seeks to surround himself with a smaller circle and less attention as he navigates through his treatment.

Despite these changes, the King remains committed to his duties, with plans to travel to London for medical appointments and to fulfill certain commitments, indicating his dedication to balancing his health needs with his royal responsibilities.

The news of King Charles’s potential move comes shortly after Buckingham Palace released a statement on his behalf, addressing his health condition. In this statement, the King expressed deep gratitude for the outpouring of support and well-wishes he has received from the public.

He described this wave of positive messages as the “greatest comfort” during this difficult time, highlighting the strong connection between the monarch and the people he serves. This open acknowledgment of his health struggles and the consideration of a temporary move to Wood Farm underscore the personal and vulnerable side of the King’s life, often shielded from public view.

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