Princess Kate and Prince William slammed as ‘lazy’ for lack of 2023 engagements

 Princess Kate and Prince William slammed as ‘lazy’ for lack of 2023 engagements

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Prince William and Princess Kate have faced criticism for their relatively fewer royal engagements in 2023, with a royal commentator calling them “lazy” compared to Princess Anne’s significantly higher number of appearances. Despite their participation in 172 and 123 engagements respectively, their efforts have been overshadowed by Princess Anne’s substantial tally of 457 outings.

Gareth Russell, a royal commentator speaking to GB News, highlighted the contrast in the number of engagements and linked Prince William’s focus on family life to the influence of his late mother, Princess Diana. He pointed out that while there’s a perception of William being more aligned with his father, Prince Charles, it’s Diana’s values that are prominently reflected in his actions.

Russell acknowledged Princess Diana’s enduring impact on the monarchy and suggested that the criticism directed at William and Kate might not affect them as deeply as it would other royals, owing to their prioritization of family.

Despite understanding their focus on family life, Russell warned of the potential reputational risk this imbalance could pose for the couple. He cautioned that their critics might seize this opportunity to label them as “lazy,” a perception that could be challenging to alter. This situation underscores the ongoing public and media scrutiny faced by members of the Royal Family in balancing their public duties and personal lives.

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