Kate Middleton trapped in ‘dangerous’ position as Meghan Markle ‘reaches out’

 Kate Middleton trapped in ‘dangerous’ position as Meghan Markle ‘reaches out’

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Kate Middleton is reportedly experiencing hesitation regarding rekindling trust with Meghan Markle. Amidst Kate’s current health challenges, Meghan extended an olive branch in an attempt to reconcile, but the Princess of Wales is facing a dilemma on whether to embrace this gesture fully.

Royal author Tom Quinn shared insights with the Mirror, suggesting that Kate is grappling with the decision to allow Meghan back into her close circle. According to Quinn, those within Kate’s circle have cautioned her about re-establishing a close relationship with Meghan, who is said to have made efforts to reach out and bridge the gap between them through indirect means.

“The feeling is that Meghan can’t be trusted not to blow a fuse at the first sign of a problem, and either start writing about her ‘truth’ all over again, or start attacking the family again.” Tom continued: “It’s a case of once bitten twice shy, but Meghan is so convinced she’s good at charming people that she’s going to be astonished if her overtures don’t produce what she wants.

“The danger for Kate and the palace is that Meghan goes public on her rejection if she is rejected,” he added. Meghan’s olive branch stems from her “genuine worry” about Kate’s health issues following her unexpected abdominal surgery in January, as well as her attempt to permanently shed off her “angry-at-royals image,” according to the royal expert.

“Kate won’t want to be seen to rebuff these overtures, but she will be taking advice and the advice so far, I hear, is definitely – don’t take the risk,” Quinn shared. “The feeling in Kensington Palace is that if Meghan’s attempts to extend an olive branch are welcomed, it will just re-open old wounds.”

This complex situation underscores the nuanced and often delicate dynamics within the royal family, especially between these two high-profile figures who have been at the center of much public speculation and media attention.

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