Royal Expert Doubts Reconciliation Between Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Amid Ongoing Tensions

 Royal Expert Doubts Reconciliation Between Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Amid Ongoing Tensions

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Recent discussions among royal experts have highlighted the strained relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the Prince and Princess of Wales, particularly after the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare.” Sources state that tensions have not eased even a year after its release, with Kate reportedly still grappling with feelings of hurt.

Speaking to The Sun, royal expert Jennie Bond stated, “Catherine was deeply affected by some revelations Harry made, especially in his memoir. Given the deep-rooted issues, it’s hard to foresee a resolution soon.”

In his book, Prince Harry delves into his royal experiences, touching upon subjects like the tragic passing of Princess Diana and his romance with Meghan Markle.

Bond elaborated on the challenges faced by Kate, highlighting her efforts in the past to mend bridges between the two brothers. “Catherine has acted as a mediator before, likely inspired by her family values,” noted Bond. “But the current circumstances seem overwhelming, causing her distress.”

Bond pinpointed specific statements by the Sussexes as sources of Kate’s hurt, including the claim about Meghan being brought to tears over Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress fitting, and Meghan’s impression of Kate and William as aloof during their initial meetings.

Drawing attention to Kate’s warm nature, Bond added, “We’ve seen Catherine’s warmth towards people, even strangers.”

Bond further commented on the dramatic change in the relationship, reminding us of a time when Harry referred to Kate as the sister he never had. “It’s heartbreaking to see their bond dissolve to such an extent,” Bond remarked.

Another point of contention has been Harry’s candid remarks about Prince William. Bond emphasized that some allegations, such as insinuations about the skin tone of Archie before his birth, have deeply affected the entire royal family.

However, Bond believes the Prince and Princess of Wales have chosen to focus on their duties and family, likely not dwelling on the situation with the Sussexes, and vice versa.

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