Kate Middleton Reacts to Prince William and Rose Hanbury Affair Gossip, Report Says

 Kate Middleton Reacts to Prince William and Rose Hanbury Affair Gossip, Report Says

Foto: @womansdayaus (Instagram)

Kate Middleton recently set social media abuzz by sharing a photograph featuring herself with her children in celebration of Mother’s Day, intending to quell the swirling rumors about her alleged coma following surgery. The attempt, however, took an unexpected turn when users on social media started questioning the authenticity of the photo, suspecting it to be generated by artificial intelligence.

Subsequent claims by news outlets confirmed that the photo had indeed been “manipulated,” adding fuel to the speculative fire. Amidst the discussions about the photo’s editing mishap, some observant users noted the absence of Kate’s wedding ring in the picture. This detail quickly spiraled into widespread speculation about potential marital discord between Kate and Prince William.

A Royal insider said, “Kate taking her wedding ring off [in a recent family photo] just intensified all the drama surrounding their marriage and the rumors of William’s affair with Rose.” “You can’t blame her for being at her wit’s end with the rumors about Rose and William completely haunting her. It’s hurtful, especially because she’s still recovering from major surgery,” they added.

The situation was further exacerbated when talk show host Stephen Colbert made a jest about Prince William in a monologue, reigniting old rumors about William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and their neighbor.

These resurfacing rumors have reportedly taken a toll on the Princess of Wales, who is still on the mend from her abdominal surgery carried out in January, as per a report by In Touch Weekly. The original whispers about Prince William’s supposed infidelity began in 2019 following reports of a falling out between Kate and Rose Hanbury.

Despite the rampant speculation and rumors, the Palace has consistently refuted any claims suggesting Prince William’s infidelity or an affair with Rose Hanbury, standing firm against the allegations that have resurfaced in light of the recent photo controversy.

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