Kate Middleton’s Quiet Efforts to Mend Prince William and Prince Harry’s Rift

 Kate Middleton’s Quiet Efforts to Mend Prince William and Prince Harry’s Rift

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Prince Harry and Prince William, although estranged for a while now, still hold a special place for each other, according to a source cited by Daily Record. The source revealed that while William “still loves Harry,” he currently finds it challenging to bear him.

Earlier reports had indicated that William “wants to extend an olive branch to Harry,” suggesting a desire for reconciliation between the two brothers.

The rift between the siblings initially emerged when Harry began dating Meghan Markle, causing tensions. In Harry’s revealing memoir, “Spare,” he recounted a physical altercation with his older brother during a heated argument concerning his now-wife, Meghan.

Kate Middleton reportedly believes that Meghan played a significant role in the strained relationships within the royal family. The insider suggested that both Kate and William had “misgivings” about Meghan from the outset of her whirlwind romance with Harry.

“They never warmed to Meghan,” the insider noted, describing her as “obtrusive and forward.” Harry’s memoir also alleged that Kate had made Meghan cry over a bridesmaid dress in 2018. In light of these claims, the source shared that “Kate will never trust Meghan.”

Despite these grievances, reports suggest that Kate Middleton is making discreet efforts to end the feud between the two brothers.

She feels that their conflict has persisted for long enough and believes it’s time for William and Harry to rebuild their brotherly bond. Kate has reportedly been quietly advocating for a truce and urging William to set aside stubbornness, emphasizing the importance of family bonds.

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