Kate Middleton’s new ‘title’ adds to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s worries

 Kate Middleton’s new ‘title’ adds to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s worries

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Princess Kate, widely recognized as one of the most beloved members of the royal family, has recently been lauded as the most popular royal figure despite stepping back from the public eye due to her cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. This surge in popularity has not only solidified her status within the monarchy but also reportedly intensified the challenges faced by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they attempt to navigate their own public personas post-royalty.

The future Queen, who’s undergoing preventative treatment following her cancer diagnosis, has “accidentally” exposed Harry and Meghan’s fall from the heights of superstardom, a royal author has claimed. Daniela Elser, writing on news.com.au, pointed out: “In Kate becoming even more of a superpower – such that they should consider giving her a seat on the UN Security Council – that has, in turn, only illuminated a coincidental, second thing: how increasingly marginalized and diminished the Sussexes seem in comparison.”

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, has seen her influence and appeal grow significantly, overshadowing many of the efforts by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to maintain or enhance their own public image. Despite Harry and Meghan’s various public initiatives and media appearances, they have struggled to match the levels of support and attention garnered by Kate, especially following her courageous announcement regarding her health.

“The disappointing thing is, the Sussexes are doing, or at least trying to do, work that matters. That deep fake campaign reported by Axios? This is a serious issue that could have a significant impact on this year’s US presidential election and therefore whether American democracy is about to crumble,” added Elser. 

The author continued: “The strange and shocking events that have rattled the Palace this year have only cemented Kate and husband Prince William as true figures of global consequence while Harry and Meghan, having forgone the royal imprimatur, have become sort of stateless actors who have slipped from news sections to the entertainment pages.”

A royal author has commented on the situation, noting that Kate’s continued acclaim has inadvertently highlighted the declining influence of Harry and Meghan. The couple’s attempts to attract global attention through various means have seemingly fallen short when compared to the widespread and heartfelt response to Kate’s health news. The Princess of Wales’ announcement of her diagnosis and preventative chemotherapy was met with an outpouring of support from world leaders and celebrities, emphasizing her esteemed position and beloved status worldwide.

Moreover, the comparison between the social media followings of Meghan Markle and the official Sussex royal account further illustrates this dynamic. Meghan’s new personal Instagram account quickly attracted over half a million followers, a testament to her individual popularity. However, this figure pales in comparison to the 9.2 million followers still active on the Sussexes’ former joint account, despite it no longer being updated.

The contrast in public and media reactions to Kate and the Sussexes underscores the different paths the two parties have taken since Harry and Meghan’s departure from their senior royal roles. While the Sussexes have sought to carve out a new identity independent of the traditional royal framework, Kate’s role and her handling of personal adversity have endeared her even more to the public and solidified her role as a future queen.

The narrative surrounding these royal figures is complex, shaped by their decisions, public interactions, and the challenges they face both personally and in their public roles. As Kate battles her illness with grace and courage, her resilience seems to strengthen her connection with the public, contrasting with the Sussexes’ ongoing efforts to find a stable footing in the celebrity landscape. This situation continues to unfold, reflecting broader themes of legacy, popularity, and the ever-evolving dynamics within the British royal family.

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