Kate Middleton’s health status ‘not favourable’ amid coma fears

 Kate Middleton’s health status ‘not favourable’ amid coma fears


Concerns surrounding Kate Middleton’s health condition following her abdominal surgery persist, with the lack of information prompting public speculation.

Spanish journalist Concha Calleja, known for her previous assertions regarding the Princess of Wales’s medical situation, has disclosed further details regarding Kate’s mysterious recovery.

According to Calleja, the Princess’s recuperation has been prolonged due to the seriousness of the operation itself, compounded by unexpected postoperative complications. She clarified that contrary to previous reports, Kate was not naturally in a coma but was intentionally induced into one by medical professionals.

Speaking on the Spanish show Fiesta, she said, “There are things that we cannot tell yet,” adding that she is “evolving,” however, the truth is that “not as favorable as the British royal house would like her to be.”

“There has been a movement from the English Royal House that is not understood. On the one hand, they leak that Kate has hired a private secretary, to imply that she is at home doing things,” added Aurelio Manzano after the information from Concha Calleja, “but, on the other hand, we do not see an image. Until we see it, the speculation will not stop.”

Calleja referenced an informant from within the royal household who purportedly emphasized the severity of Kate’s condition, suggesting that her life was significantly threatened by unforeseen complications arising after the surgery, reported Marca.

The recovery is delayed because “the operation was serious in itself. Afterward, there were even more serious complications. And the doctors had to make a very quick decision, which was to induce her into a coma. And that was so. The princess did not go into a coma, she was induced.”

However, Kensington Palace has vehemently denied these claims, labeling them as unfounded and fabricated. A palace source dismissed Calleja’s assertions as “total nonsense” and emphasized that no effort was made by the journalist to verify her claims with official sources.

The ongoing silence from the palace regarding Kate’s health continues to fuel speculation and uncertainty among the public, with conflicting narratives adding to the intrigue surrounding her recovery process. Despite the palace’s denial of the severity of the situation, questions persist about the true nature of Kate’s postoperative complications and the extent of the risks she faced during her medical ordeal.

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