Kate Middleton’s ‘health crises’ bring her closer to ‘Royal weapon’, Says Royal expert

 Kate Middleton’s ‘health crises’ bring her closer to ‘Royal weapon’, Says Royal expert


Kate Middleton has been leaning on a vital Royal Family member, whom some regard as a “Royal weapon,” during her recent health crisis. Royal expert Jennie Bond reveals that the Princess of Wales has grown particularly close to the Duchess of Edinburgh, Sophie Wessex. Bond, a former BBC Royal correspondent, describes Sophie as a loving and supportive figure for the future queen.

In light of her health challenges, Kate Middleton has found solace and strength in her relationship with Sophie. The Duchess of Edinburgh has reportedly been a steadfast source of comfort and guidance, helping Kate navigate this difficult period.

She says: “Sophie is a natural, humble woman – clearly still very much in love with her husband – and a woman who has grown into her role without fuss or fanfare,” Jennie revealed. “Sophie has become one of the most loved members of the royal family, forging a deep and mutually affectionate relationship with both of her in-laws, the late Queen and Prince Philip,” Jennie revealed, claiming Queen Elizabeth II even regarded Sophie as a “second daughter”, after Princess Anne.

“Sophie is delightfully open about her love for her husband, she is close to Catherine and has no doubt been a great support to her in her health crisis. Even though a 17-year age gap seems a lot to bridge, the two women have a lot in common and became firm friends quite early on. Sophie knew exactly what lay in wait for Catherine as she joined the family and she knew it wouldn’t always be easy,” the expert continued.

Bond then notes: “By nature, Sophie is a kind and generous person who has always been happy to act as sounding board, mentor, confidante… or sometimes just another girl to share a giggle with. So I have no doubt that Sophie has been someone to whom Catherine has frequently turned. They’ve often been seen enjoying a private joke in public and certainly seem more like sisters than aunts and nieces by marriage. Sophie has retained a girlishness about her, while Catherine perhaps because of her very senior role in the family sometimes seems mature beyond her years.”

“Sophie has really stepped up to support Kate during this time,” Bond explains. “She’s been a shoulder to lean on and has provided invaluable advice and companionship.” The bond between the two duchesses highlights the strength and unity within the Royal Family, especially during times of personal hardship. Sophie’s support is not only a testament to her character but also underscores the importance of family connections in overcoming challenges.

Kate’s reliance on Sophie during her health crisis has brought the two closer, forging a strong and supportive relationship that will likely endure as Kate continues her journey as the future queen. This connection is seen as a positive development within the Royal Family, showcasing their ability to rally around one another in times of need.

The close relationship between Kate and Sophie is an inspiring example of the powerful bonds that can form within a family, providing much-needed support and encouragement during difficult times. As Kate navigates her health issues, the presence of a caring and dependable family member like Sophie is undoubtedly a source of comfort and strength.

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