Kensington Palace needs to boost PR salary amid Kate Middleton’s conspiracy theories

 Kensington Palace needs to boost PR salary amid Kate Middleton’s conspiracy theories


Princess Kate is currently in the midst of a PR dilemma that urgently requires the expertise of a new appointee to navigate through the crisis, as per the insights of a renowned royal commentator. Angela Levin, during her appearance on GB News, highlighted the proactive measures being undertaken by Kensington Palace to mitigate the situation.

However, Levin raised concerns about the palace’s strategy, particularly questioning whether the incentives being offered are sufficient to attract the right talent for the role. The urgency of the situation is underscored by the rampant speculation and unfounded rumors circulating on social media regarding Princess Kate’s health and activities following her recent abdominal surgery.

The conjecture has reached a fever pitch, with various theories being proposed about her current state and her limited public engagements. Despite the swirling rumors, Princess Kate was recently seen in public, exuding positivity and resilience. Alongside Prince William, she was photographed during a casual visit to a farm shop in Windsor, where she appeared to be in high spirits via New York Post.

Asked by Martin Daubney if the royals will make moves to avoid a PR crisis in the future, Levin said ‘I’m sure they could’. She added: “There’s an advert asking for a PR person who will pay attention to detail.  “Unfortunately, the amount offered is £ 25,000 a year. I don’t expect they’re going to get a top-notch person with that. “I think they should consider that because the PR that they need is very urgent and very important.”

This sighting was a reassuring sign for many of her supporters and the public at large, following a period of relative quiet due to her recovery process. The rare footage of Princess Kate, captured by The Sun, showcased her engaging in normal activities and interacting warmly with others, dispelling some of the concerns regarding her well-being.

Nonetheless, the ongoing PR challenges underscore the need for a strategic approach to communication and public relations within the royal household. The situation calls for a skilled individual who can effectively manage the narrative and ensure that accurate and positive information about Princess Kate’s health and public engagements is communicated.

Levin’s commentary sheds light on the complexities of managing royal PR, especially in an era where social media can amplify rumors and misinformation rapidly. As Kensington Palace continues its search for the right candidate to bolster its PR team, the emphasis remains on finding someone who can navigate the delicate balance of public interest and privacy, while also maintaining the dignity and positive image of the royal family.

The resolution of this PR crisis will be pivotal in shaping the public’s perception of Princess Kate during her recovery and beyond, highlighting the crucial role of strategic communication in the royal household’s operations.

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