Kate Middleton and Family Mourn the Loss of Close Family Friend Tony Henman

 Kate Middleton and Family Mourn the Loss of Close Family Friend Tony Henman

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Kate Middleton and her family are grieving the loss of a dear family friend, Tony Henman, father of former British tennis star Tim Henman. According to The Mirror, Tony Henman passed away on Friday at the age of 84.

The Middleton family, particularly Kate’s parents Carole and Michael, were said to have been close to Tony Henman and his wife Jane. The Henmans were guests at Prince William and Kate’s wedding at Westminster Abbey in 2011 and had developed a strong friendship with the Middletons over the years.

She told Sue how her dad tried to play it cool in front of the former British number one tennis player Tim. Kate explained: “My father is not going to appreciate this, but we were walking past Tim Henman and we had just seen [Pete] Sampras play. My dad said very coolly: ‘Hi Pete’. I was mortified!”

The two couples were often seen together at Wimbledon, as the Middletons are known for their love of tennis. Tim Henman, a former British number one and four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist, was often seen sitting with Kate during her visits to the All-England club.

Kate, along with her sister Pippa and their parents, have long been avid tennis fans and regular attendees at Wimbledon. Their strong bond with the Henmans was evident, and the families often spent time together at the tournament.

In a 2017 BBC documentary titled Our Wimbledon, presented by Sue Barker, Kate shared an embarrassing moment involving her father Michael at a tennis tournament. She admitted feeling “mortified” after her father’s mix-up, although she did not elaborate on the details.

The news of Tony Henman’s passing comes shortly after Prince William, who holds the title of Duke of Cornwall, made a trip to Fistral Beach. This occurred following his estranged brother, Prince Harry, making an appearance at St. Paul’s Cathedral for his Invictus Games.

The Middleton family’s friendship with the Henmans highlights the close-knit relationships that Kate and her family maintain. Tony Henman’s passing is a significant loss for the Middletons, who are mourning the departure of a beloved family friend.

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