Kate, Princess of Wales, Had a Hilarious Reaction to Being Called Prince William’s Assistant

 Kate, Princess of Wales, Had a Hilarious Reaction to Being Called Prince William’s Assistant


The Prince and Princess of Wales were in Cardiff this weekend for the England versus Wales rugby match Kate is the England team’s patron, and William is the Welsh club’s patron and their return reminded us of a hilarious moment when the couple was in Cardiff several years ago visiting the Shire Hall Care Home.

According to The Mirror, despite being one of the world’s most known couples, Kate was mistakenly referred to as William’s helper (oops!) during the visit and her reaction was priceless.

Meeting the duo, resident Joan Drew-Smith pointed at Kate and asked William “Is that your assistant?” Ever a pro at thinking quickly, Kate laughed and said to William “Well, I am your assistant” before adding “I have been for a long time!”

While we love to see William and Kate as equals and Kate is clearly no second fiddle to her husband her grace, and wit at the moment are on view.

The return of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Cardiff yesterday reminded us of the England vs Wales encounter last year at Twickenham Stadium in London when the couple took their eldest son Prince George with them.

As his parents wore scarves representing their preferred team in the match, George stayed neutral, and when asked if he would support his father’s or his mother’s team, George shrugged and smiled at William, who laughed “It’s become quite the thing in the house,” pointing to Kate. “She is quite into it. I’m trying to stay out of it.”

Kate asked George to tell the gathering crowd about how he started playing rugby at school “He has all the kit,” she said and George said that he had only recently begun to learn to tackle. “But I haven’t tackled you yet!” he said to his mother. “Yes, you have!” Kate said, smiling.

George speaks openly about his love of sports, especially rugby: His parents are also active sports fans, and Kate was a rugby lover even before she married William in 2011.

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