Kate Middleton and Prince William left Palace ‘devastated’ with their split

 Kate Middleton and Prince William left Palace ‘devastated’ with their split

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Prince William and Princess Kate’s breakup years ago left a trail of heartbreak in its wake, despite the eventual rekindling of their romance.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, who had shared more than half a decade together, abruptly ended their relationship in 2007, sending shockwaves through royal circles. While their split was temporary, the news of their separation initially took a toll on many, including former royal butler Grant Harrold, who recently opened up about his feelings during that tumultuous period.

In a candid conversation with Hello! Magazine, Harrold revealed, “I really wanted them to get married.” He candidly expressed that he was “devastated” by their breakup but found solace in witnessing their eventual union.

“I was quite glad when they actually did and they tied the knot!” Harrold added, reflecting on the joyous occasion of Prince William and Kate’s wedding.

Drawing parallels with the enduring love between the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Harrold noted, “They were a team, they were a partnership, and the two of them [William and Kate] are very much like that. So weirdly, it’s almost history nicely repeating itself.”

Expanding on their relationship dynamics, Harrold observed, “The two of them are very much best friends and make a good team. They have a really good sense of humor.”

Harrold continued, “When there are jokes, they’re both involved in it, and they were always fun to be around. When one of them got the giggles, the other got the giggles. So it was really sweet.”

In light of their enduring love and partnership, the journey of Prince William and Princess Kate continues to captivate admirers worldwide, reminding many of the deep connection that binds them, much like the legendary royal couples of the past.

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