Kate Middleton and Prince William feel ‘useless’ as they share George and Charlotte’s heartbreaking curiosity about Ukraine

 Kate Middleton and Prince William feel ‘useless’ as they share George and Charlotte’s heartbreaking curiosity about Ukraine

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have admitted they feel “useless” as they reveal Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s heartbreaking curiosity over what’s happening in Ukraine.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte have painful questions about Ukraine, and Kate Middleton and Prince William have opened up about their latest parenting problem, admitting they feel “useless.”

When it comes to explaining Russia’s conflict with Ukraine to their children and answering any concerns they may have about the horrible events, many parents with young children will confront the same dilemma.

While it is possible to help Ukraine by sending money, many people feel helpless as they watch the events unfold.

Prince William added that his eldest children, Prince George, eight, and Princess Charlotte, six, have been ‘asking all about the unfolding tragedy during their visit to the volunteers.

William said, “Ours has been coming home asking all about it. They are obviously talking about it with their friends at school.”

He suggested he had found it difficult discussing some of it with his children, adding he had to ‘choose my words carefully to explain what is going on.

The Cambridge kids aren’t the only ones to be interested in what’s going on in the world.

Prince George was previously said to be ‘confused’ by the terrible reality of littering, according to Prince William.

William and Kate wore Ukrainian yellow and blue solidarity pins and delivered trays of chocolate brownies and granola bars made at Kensington Palace to volunteers at the Holland Park center.

The Duke also expressed his surprise at seeing battle on European soil, saying that Britons are more used to violence in Africa and Asia.

‘It’s very alien to see this in Europe. We are all behind you,’ he said.

He admitted that he, like many, wanted to do more to help, saying, “We feel so useless.”

What is a Russian oligarch?, for example, might be a question for older children. or where does the United Kingdom get its oil and gas? As they listen to daily developments, they are aware that at least two million people have already left their homes to escape the conflict, with another four million expected as the Russian invasion continues.

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