Kate Middleton, Prince William given crucial advice amid speculations

 Kate Middleton, Prince William given crucial advice amid speculations


Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, who are not seen together these days, have been urged to stay together on royal visits for better optics to shut rumors and speculations about their relationship.  

A PR expert has advised the Prince and Princess of Wales that Kate and William can work best as a team to increase positive publicity for the royal family. The royal couple have recently carried out a string of separate engagements.

William and Kate are always well received whether together or separately, however, it has been noted that the Princess did not accompany her husband on a recent diplomatic mission to New York, and she is not expected to fly with him to Singapore for the Earthshot Awards in November, either.

Back in the UK, Kate has been in Leeds, Lancaster, and Kent for solo visits, while last week William was in Swindon for his own charity engagement. Although their parenting duties are likely to have a significant impact on who carries out which visits.

Ed Coram-James, chief executive of PR firm Go Up, told the mirror that when the couple are together they are the “perfect PR foils” for each other, adding: “I would encourage William and Kate to appear in public, as a pair, as often as possible. They are the perfect PR foils for one another, with their strengths and weaknesses complementing each other’s.”

“In many ways, you want the Princess of Wales to do much of the PR heavy lifting. She naturally softens the image of the Royal Family. I would argue that, whereas William is naturally relatable and human, he does weigh slightly stronger towards the Kingly side than the human side. Kate, on the other hand, appears Queenly but errs slightly more to the human side.

“William, by association, makes Kate appear more royal, and Kate, by association, makes William appear more human. Put the two together and, wham, you have the perfect balance between kingly and human,” the expert continued.

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