Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘heading for split’ over alleged affair with Rose Hanbury

 Kate Middleton and Prince William ‘heading for split’ over alleged affair with Rose Hanbury


The rumor mill surrounding Prince William and Rose Hanbury has once again surged, casting a shadow over the dynamics within the British royal family. Speculations about the nature of William’s relationship with Hanbury have reignited debates and conspiracy theories, particularly in the context of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage.

This resurgence of rumors has led to widespread discussion among royal enthusiasts and on social media platforms, with some suggesting that the royal couple’s marriage may be under strain. The royal family’s lack of comment on the matter has only fueled further speculation, leaving the public to piece together information from various sources. Reports from Marca have highlighted claims from some social media users who believe that the royal family is attempting to keep the situation quiet, with whispers of a potential split between William and Kate following the rumored affair with Hanbury.

Adding to the intrigue, Princess Kate has been notably absent from public engagements since Christmas Day, following an announcement from Kensington Palace about her undergoing ‘planned abdominal surgery’ on January 16. The mystery deepened when a photo depicting Kate with her children was disseminated, only to be quickly retracted by major agencies upon realizing it had been altered. Kate, who enjoys photography, took responsibility for the edits and issued an apology.

Complications arose from a supposed public sighting of Kate, where she was allegedly seen in a car with Prince William. However, some observers contested this claim, suggesting that the woman in the car was actually Hanbury, not Kate. This theory stemmed from the woman’s avoidance of the camera, which seemed uncharacteristic of Kate, known for her ease in the public eye.

One social media user expressed skepticism, arguing that the woman in the car was indeed Hanbury, highlighting the perceived inconsistency with Kate’s usual demeanor towards the media. Despite these swirling rumors, many royal supporters remain steadfast in their belief that Prince William and Kate’s bond is unbreakable, dismissing the rumors as malicious attempts to tarnish the reputation of the beloved royal pair.

The whispers of an affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury first emerged in 2019, with some suggesting their relationship went beyond mere friendship. Photographs purportedly capturing moments between the two added fuel to the fire. Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, is no stranger to the royal circle, having been a guest at William and Kate’s wedding and present at significant royal events, including Prince Philip’s memorial service in 2021 and King Charles’s coronation ceremony.

Her longstanding acquaintance with the royal family makes the rumors all the more compelling and complex, leaving the public and royal watchers in a state of speculation about the true nature of the relationships within the British monarchy.

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