William Utterly Stunned: Harry Drops Unbelievable Baby Bombshell During Eugenie’s Royal Wedding!

 William Utterly Stunned: Harry Drops Unbelievable Baby Bombshell During Eugenie’s Royal Wedding!

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Reflecting on Princess Eugenie’s enchanting wedding walk down the aisle five years ago, where she exchanged vows with Jack Brooksbank at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, a myriad of memories from that day are brought to the fore, including notable presences like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, alongside the Prince and Princess of Wales. The grand nuptial ceremony, which also served as a rare gathering for the Royal Family, brought with it a cascade of emotions and a surprise revelation from the Sussexes.

Within five months of their own regal wedding, Harry and Meghan were on the brink of announcing they were expecting their first child. In “Spare,” Harry’s memoir, he shares insights into how he and Meghan chose to reveal their impending parenthood to the family amid the celebrations for his cousin Eugenie. Also, the prince sheds light on his brother Prince William’s reaction to becoming an uncle, noting it was particularly amiable and welcoming.

In the memoir, Harry chronicles whispering the news to William post a drinks reception in St George’s Hall, to which the heir to the throne warmly responded with “We must tell Kate” and insisted on sharing the joyous news immediately. Both William and Kate expressed their elation and congratulations, reflecting the supportive response Harry had hoped for.

Meghan delivered Prince Archie in May 2019 at the private Portland Hospital in London, breaking away from the conventional royal protocol of ‘hospital steps’ photos. Nonetheless, an impromptu interview by Harry, taken outside Windsor Castle, saw him sharing their bliss with the world, commending Meghan and expressing immense pride in their newborn son.

Although announcing a pregnancy during a wedding might be perceived as a social misstep, it’s reported that the bond between Harry and Meghan and Eugenie and Jack has remained steadfast. This is notable amidst the prevailing chilly relations between the Sussexes and various Royal Family members.

Harry and Meghan’s interactions with the royals have been notably strained, exacerbated by the critiques Harry made of William, his father the King, and Queen Camilla in his memoir “Spare.” However, a source informs PEOPLE that Harry’s relationship with his cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie, continues to thrive. The source noted, “They’re still the best of friends and talk constantly,” acknowledging the stress the ongoing royal drama has imposed on them, given their understanding of both perspectives.

Tracing back, the tight-knit relationship between Harry, Beatrice, and Eugenie was rooted in their childhood, significantly influenced by their mothers, the late Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson, who shared a close friendship. Throughout their youth and into adulthood, including shared escapades on the London club scene, Harry and Eugenie, according to insiders, forged one of the “most natural connections,” maintaining a robust friendship that withstands the prevailing royal tribulations.

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