Prince Harry’s Reaction to Rumors of His and Meghan Markle’s Divorce Revealed

 Prince Harry’s Reaction to Rumors of His and Meghan Markle’s Divorce Revealed


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been the subject of persistent divorce rumors, which have been further fueled by comments from a high-profile media figure. Graydon Carter, a former editor of Vanity Fair, expressed his view that the couple’s marriage would last “years not decades,” a statement that reportedly disturbed Prince Harry.

A source close to the couple revealed that Harry was particularly upset by Carter’s remarks due to his respected status in society circles. The prince was concerned that Carter’s opinion, given his stature and career background, might influence public perception and the narrative around their marriage.

This insider highlighted Carter’s influence, suggesting that his views could have a significant impact on how the public and important figures perceive the stability of the Sussexes’ union. Harry was worried that Carter’s comments might lead people to believe he had insider knowledge about their relationship, potentially exacerbating the divorce rumors, told The Mirror.

Amidst these concerns, Meghan Markle recently made headlines with her appearance on the red carpet. She used the opportunity to speak positively about her peers in the entertainment industry and hint at upcoming projects for Archewell, the organization she runs with Harry.

During her red-carpet interaction, Meghan emphasized the importance of using one’s platform for good and the power of community support. She expressed excitement about being back in the entertainment industry and the intersection of entertainment and philanthropy.

Meghan also discussed her new role as a producer, working alongside Prince Harry. She shared insights into their upcoming projects, expressing enthusiasm and pride in their work. She mentioned that Harry is also enjoying this new venture, emphasizing their collaborative efforts and mutual commitment to their projects.

This appearance and Meghan’s comments serve as a counterpoint to the divorce rumors, showcasing the couple’s ongoing professional collaboration and public unity.

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