Prince Harry’s reaction to King Charles and Kate Middleton’s health laid bare

 Prince Harry’s reaction to King Charles and Kate Middleton’s health laid bare


Prince Harry has recently expressed his concern for the well-being of his family members, particularly King Charles and Princess Kate, amidst ongoing discussions and controversies surrounding the use of the Sussex title. The Duke of Sussex, who is currently in Canada with his wife Meghan Markle, has been reported to prioritize the health issues facing his close relatives over the recent debates sparked by the branding of his and Meghan’s new website.

Despite the criticism that has arisen due to the naming of Harry and Meghan’s website, which includes their Sussex titles, a royal source has conveyed to The Times that this issue is not causing any consternation within the royal family itself. The source emphasized, “It isn’t any sort of problem for the rest of the Royal Family. It hasn’t even been part of a conversation.” This statement suggests that the internal dynamics of the royal family remain unaffected by the public discourse on the Sussex brand.

Harry’s primary concern, as highlighted by the insider, is the health of his father, King Charles, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and Princess Kate, who is recovering from abdominal surgery. These health concerns appear to take precedence over any external criticisms or controversies for the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry’s recent visit to the UK to see his father following the cancer diagnosis underscores his worry for the King’s health. Notably, during this visit, Harry did not meet with his brother, Prince William, or Kate, indicating the focused nature of his trip.

Currently, Harry and Meghan are in Canada to attend the launch event of the 2025 Invictus Games. Their participation in this event, including their first joint public appearance since the unveiling of their new website on Valentine’s Day in Whistler, where they engaged with Invictus athletes, has drawn considerable attention. This involvement with the Invictus Games, combined with the ongoing health concerns within the royal family, paints a picture of the complex priorities and commitments that define Prince Harry’s current focus and activities.

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